Data Types


Since 2006 we have been collecting the coastal monitoring data for the entire South West coast. We have a wide range of data including aerial surveys, wave and tide monitoring, bathymetric surveys of the seabed close to the shore, and topographic beach surveys carried out on foot by our team of highly skilled scientists.

The six main types of data we collect are:

In addition to the six main types of data we do have various other datasets which you can find out about here.

The data we collect is then analysed by the Plymouth Coastal Observatory Team and findings reported in our annual survey reports and in various other site or event specific reports.

All our data and reports are available free of charge to download directly from the National Coastal Monitoring Network map viewer and data catalogue.

All we ask is that you credit any of our work that you might use, and that it if you are downloading anything you let us know how you’re using the data, so we can be sure we are producing it in the best way.