Interactive Map & Resources

The Shapefiles on the Interactive Map are available here:

Topographic Survey Units
Topographic Survey Lines
Survey Unit Boundaries

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GPS Control Network

The SWRCMP maintains a network of control points around the south west coast. The shapefiles and witness diagrams, below, will help you to locate these points for your own use.

GPS Control Points OSTN15 Shapefile

GPS Control Points OSTN02 Shapefile

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams – Portland Bill to Start Point

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams – Start Point to Gribbin Head

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams – Gribbin Head to Land’s End

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams – Land’s End to Hartland Point

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams-Hartland Point to Beachley Point

OSTN15 Witness Diagrams – Isles of Scilly