Other Data


As well as our core data types the Plymouth Coastal Observatory also holds various other datasets. These include historic datasets given to us for use in our analysis and data shared with us by our Partners as well as data and reports collected by the Programme.


Airborne Bathymetry

The Programme has been trialling airborne bathymetry and in 2015 collected a seamless topographic and bathymetric dataset of the Isles of Scilly. A by-product of this data collection was very high resolution (5cm) aerial photography which we were also able to obtain for the Programme.


Ios2 IoS1

An example of the combined airborne topographic and bathymetric survey along with an extract from the high resolution aerial photography showing St Mary’s Harbour and the detail on the boats.

Exmouth Meteorological Data

Monthly meteorological data from the National Coastwatch Institution’s (NCI) Exmouth station is kindly provided to East Devon District Council by the NCI and archived by PCO. The data is available here