Beach Management Plans (BMP) and Beach and Dune Management Plans (BDMP) in South West England

A Beach Management Plan (BMP) or a Beach and Dune Management Plan (BDMP) is a plan for managing a beach and/or dune system at a local level for the purpose of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management. BMPs take into account and, where possible promote or enhance the other uses and functions of a beach.

Consideration is given to the current condition of the beach and coastal defences, alongside their long-term future.

BMPs use robust scientific methodology such as modelling sediment processes, monitoring data, asset functionality and Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) recommendations, together with amenity and economic uses, to create a detailed plan of management for a discrete beach or coastal area.

A BMP is often required if the Coastal Local Authority (CLA) want to undertake a coastal defence or resilience scheme for a particular beach or coastal area.

Areas covered by a BMP may be the responsibility of the CLA, the Environment Agency and local land owners.

See below for BMPs and BDMPs in the south west of England.

Please note BMPs are often reviewed or updated. This list was last updated on 02/04/2020 


Constantine Bay, Fistral Beach, Harvey’s Towen, Marazion, Parr Sands, Porthtowen, Porthcothan, Praa Sands, Sumerleaze, Widmouth


Exmouth, Seaton, Sidmouth and East Beach
Northam Burrows (PDF Download)




Minehead (PDF Download)
Weston (PDF Download)