Coastal Change in the Tamar Estuary 


Land Reclamation 

The Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum (TECF) is a partnership of organisations and local authorities with statutory responsibility towards the management of the Plymouth Sound & Tamar Estuaries Marine Protected Area (MPA). Hosted, by Plymouth City Council, and under the chair of Queen’s Harbour Master, TECF provides a collaborative approach to the sustainable management of the waters.


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In 1999, TECF collated and produced a report which provides an account of where, when and why land claim has occurred from historical times right up to 1999. The report covers the tidal waters of Plymouth Sound, the Plym, Tamar, Tavy and Lynher and maps all the known reclaim events. The report shows that during this time the area experienced episodes of reclamation of land around the Estuary for a variety of social, economic and military needs. These include agriculture, housing, leisure and industrial development, docks, ports and harbour construction, flood defence, waste disposal and other users. Click below to download and access the full report and GIS shapefiles:



Audit of Coastal Change in the Tamar Estuaries 1999 Report

Coastal Change in the Tamar Estuary - GIS Shapefiles


For any data use please cite: ‘An Audit of Coastal Change in the Tamar Estuaries 1999’ By Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum. First published 1999.