The South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme


Welcome to the website of the South West  Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme.


The Programme has been providing a standard, repeatable and cost-effective method of monitoring the coastal environment in the South West since 2006. The Programme covers more than 2,000km of the South West coast, starting at Portland Bill in Dorset, taking in Devon, Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and Somerset all the way up to Beachley Point in Gloucestershire, just before the Welsh border.


The high quality data collected by our Programme is all made available - free of charge - to everyone, from conservationists, coastal defence teams, local authorities and the Environment Agency to academics, engineers and anyone else with an interest in the coast! Our Programme  provides information for the development of shoreline management plans, numerous coastal defence strategies, academic papers and for the operational management of coastal protection and flood defence.


The Programme is managed on behalf of the South West Coastal Groups, in partnership with the maritime Local Authorities and the Environment Agency. The Programme is funded by Defra, with Teignbridge District Council acting as the lead authority. The South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme is one of six such Programmes operating in England. Data for the South West Programme is gathered and managed by scientists at the Plymouth Coastal Observatory, based at the University of Plymouth, and shared via the National Coastal Monitoring Network's website.


To learn more about the types of data we collect visit Our Data page.

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